The Queen of pop music, Charli XCX, first wore POSTER GIRL whilst discussing her latest album for her Rolling Stone editorial spread titled “It’s Complicated”. She was photographed by Jack Bridgland, wearing the Rhinestone Janice Jumpsuit in Jet Black.

The Rhinestone Janice Jumpsuit is part of our renowned shapewear collection and comes with optional matching Rhinestoned Gracie GlovesOur innovative jumpsuit combines shapewear with ready-to-wear and has been designed to offer a full-length sculpting detail within its intricate, sexy lace fabric. Charli XCX delivered an iconic showstopper look, and you can watch more behind the scenes of Charli XCX with Rolling Stone here.

Shop the Rhinestone Janice Jumpsuit x Gloves set, or, discover the jumpsuit's full range of stunning colours here.

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